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Life Coach

What the heck is a life coach, anyway? You’ve probably seen the term on the Internet but did you know that a life coach is someone that works with you in whatever area of your life you choose. Life coaches are springing up for many different life aspects, businesses and occupations. Most people use coaches because they want someone there to encourage them and ‘push’ them to reach their goals.

Although a life coach does not have to be certified there are several training programs available that offer accreditation for those that wish to obtain a¬†certificate. Life coaches need to have great communication skills, since this is what their business is solely based on. Good listening skills are also a must for any life coach. Don’t try to offer services for all people instead focus in on one area of expertise and be the go to person for that specialty!

Life Coach Business РWhat tools are needed? 

What tools are needed?

As with any business a phone line, computer and internet connection will be needed. A life coach will also need to have contracts for their clients and some questionnaires that clients can fill out before a coaching session. Another tool needed will be payment options; are you going to accept credit cards, paypal, money orders, checks, etc? Make sure those tools are set up and ready to go before hand. A fax line could also be an important part of your business. To assess your clients, or prospective clients you may wish to have a personality profile test available. How do you get started? The first step to getting started would be to decide in what area you want to specialize: business, life/personal, relationships, etc. After deciding your area of expertise you may wish to take a training program, although as stated above it is not necessary, to receive accreditation.

Next you will want to set up your online presence and you do that with a website and by networking with others. Become involved in forums and message boards that other life coaches frequent so that you can seek advice, support and build friendships/relationships with others.

Marketing yourself is also an important step to getting started. Decide if you will market both offline and online and what your marketing strategies will be. Take your time, do your research and begin to promote yourself as an expert in the area of specialty that you decided on.

Check out your competition to see what they are offering and come up with something even better. Make yourself stand out above the rest of them. Portray confidence and believe in yourself. To become successful you have to put in the time and effort to build your business up.