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Acupuncture helps animals

Acupuncture helps conditions as diverse as kennel cough, hip dysplasia, diarrhea, vomiting, arthritis, seizures, back problems, allergies, anxiety, incontinence, infections, pancreatitis, cystitis, inflammatory bowel syndrome, crystals in the urine, hepatitis, vestibular syndrome, Cushings, thyroid problems, cognitive function…and so much more!

Acupuncture works through stimulation of nerve, blood, and lymphatic function. Hormones are regulated, and natural pain-relievers are released in the body.

The animals do not mind the needles, and often become relaxed and sleepy during a treatment.

The first visit we do a thorough physical exam, as well as a traditional Chinese veterinary assessment, which includes a tongue and pulse diagnosis, constitutional and pattern assessment. This includes an herb consult and mini-tutorial on acupressure and massage points that the guardian can use at home to be a part of their own pet’s healing. We also discuss nutrition and other aspects of the pet’s life and environment, such as physical therapy techniques that may be useful.

Schedule acupuncture today for your pet–he or she will be grateful for an alternative approach for feeling well. With holistic medicine and acupuncture, we treat naturally to help the body heal itself. We love our pets, and we love yours, too.